The Crew of the SS Dad Rock

Champagne Yacht Club is a tribute to yacht rock based in Dallas, Texas. The band is comprised of: Haskell Morrison (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards), Kenn Westman (Bass, Vocals), Gary Leake (Percussion), Rob Eads (Keyboards, Vocal), Ken Felarca (Guitar), Lori Carlyle (Vocals), Devon Gibson (Vocals), Landon Torbett (Saxophone) and Troy Bacon (Vocals). Each are seasoned professionals with dozens of band credits over several decades.

The band set out to recreate studio quality versions of the songs they grew up with using zero tracks. They have 5 singers of all ranges to perform the harmonies associated with the era. Their setlist includes music from the early to mid-70’s to the early 80’s stylized as ‘Yacht Rock’‚Ķwith a few AM classics and disco tracks sprinkled in. You’ll hear smooth songs from the Doobie Brothers, Hall and Oates, Steely Dan, TOTO, Ambrosia, Linda Ronstadt, Boz Scaggs, Fleetwood Mac, Elton John, Bee Gees, ABBA and more.

The crew adopt yacht themed titles and dress in attire the great Judge Smails would approve of. They bring energy and humor to make the show an experience everyone will remember. This production is perfect for corporate events, festivals, fairs, casino showrooms, birthday or anniversary parties, and mid to large club engagements.

Capt Dick Champagne (Vocals, Guitars, Keys)

Haskell Morrison
Dick Champagne
Vocals, Guitar, Keys

Purser Peter Coloda (Bass, Vocals)

Kenn Westman

Peter Colada

Bass, Vocals

Bosun Barry Bushwhacker (Drums)

Gary Leake
Barry Bushwhacker

Deckhand Dino Grigio (Keys, Vocals)

Rob Eads
Dino Grigio

Bartender Burpie Sangria (Guitars)

Ken Felarca
Burpie Sangria

Cruise Director Ginger Hennessy (Vocals)

Lori Carlyle
Cruise Director
Ginger Hennessy

Helmsman Bobby Bourbon (Vocals)

Devon Gibson
Bobby Bourbon

Sailor Sandy Hurricane

Landon Torbett
Sandy Hurricane